KingSpec SSD SATAHigh Performance and High Reliability Storage


Eliminates the Bottleneck

KingSpec’s SATAⅢ SSD (Solid State Drive) is a high performance and high reliability storage device based on NAND Flash technology that designed to solve the bottleneck of computing systems caused by traditional hard disk drives. KingSpec’s SATAⅢ SSD doesn’t have moving parts and it has the same host interface and same physical dimensions as Hard Disk Drives.

With high performance and low power consumption, KingSpec’s SATAIII SSD can be a good storage device for Notebooks as well as Desktop PCs.

Ideal for Extreme Environments

Built to work in extreme environments the KingSpec SATAIII SSD consists of semiconductors and NAND Flash memory which protects against shock and vibration. Furthermore the KingSpec SATAIII SSD has a highly advanced Flash Memory Management algorithm to guarantee higher performance and data integrity.


Technical Specifications

Model Height(mm) Width(mm) Length(mm) Weight(g)
64GB,128GB,256GB,512GB 9.5+/-0.25 69.8+/-0.25 100.2+/-0.25 TBD


Sequential Data Read/Write 64GB 128GB 256GB 512GB
Channels 4CH 4CH 4CH 4CH
Speed(MB/s) 500/150 500/300 514/310 528/406