fit-PC Range


fit-PC Intense 3

fit-PC Intense 3 has the proven ruggedized form-factor of fit-PC Intense 2 with improved passive cooling.

fitPC Intense 2

fit-PC Intense 2

fit-PC Intense 2 is the 2nd generation of the acclaimed miniature fanless PC, and further improves the best-in-class features of its predecessor.


fit-PC Intense

Intense PC is designed around the Intel Core CPU providing Dual-core 64 bit x86 CPU @ 1.1–1.9 GHz, with Intel HD Graphics GPU and is supplemented by up to 16 GB DDR3-1600 RAM.

fitPC 4


Using AMD’s latest G-Series ‘Jaguar’ Quad Core System-on-Chip (SoC), fit-PC4 is the next generation to be introduced within the already popular line of AMD powered PCs.

fitPC 3


fit-PC3 is a miniature fanless mini-PC based on AMD G-Series APU. fit-PC3 provides high graphics performance and rich I/O while having extremely low power consumption.

fitPC 2/2i

fit-PC 2/2i

fit-PC2i (and fit-PC2) is the smallest and most power efficient Intel Atom PC to date. It is designed around the Intel Atom Z510 1.1 GHz (fit-PC2 / 2i Value) and the Intel Atom Z530 1.6 GHz (fit-PC2 / 2i Classic) CPU, together with the ultra low power Intel US15W chipset.



The fitlet is a miniature fanless quad-core PC which would outclass any competing PC. Based on the AMD A4 Micro 6400T with RadeonTM R3 Graphics the fitlet is also designed for unmatched openness.

Performance Comparison


*Performance Comparison last updated 04.08.16