Custom Engineered HMI Solutions for SCADA Systems

The DigiSign range of custom engineered industrial HMI Panel PCs are tailored for mission-critical applications that demand reliability and functionality. Our products provide integrated operation, runtime and information into customised software systems to improve production and optimise usage of all the facilities.

What is an HMI?

An HMI is a Panel PC that serves as a human interface to a process, or to a machine or network of machines. HMI’s provide an interface for machine control and monitoring in applications such as industrial controls, factory automation, and process control and are usually used in conjunction with SCADA systems.

SCADA: Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

SCADA is a hardware-software system that allows remote control, monitoring and diagnostics of an industrial process. SCADA systems are used to monitor and control set point processes in industries such as oil, gas, electric, water etc.

DigiSign Custom Engineered HMI Solutions

DigiSign HMIs offer excellent quality and customised features that will withstand the harsh environments encountered in factory and industrial locations. The standard, easy-to-use HMI platform incorporates a touch screen display, keypad and mouse - all customisable to satisfy a customer's specific requirements.

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HMI Maintenance Panel

DigiSign HMI Maintenance Panel

The DigiSign HMI Maintenance Panel is a maintenance control panel that enables the operator to access SCADA/process control software from a strategic position within the plant. It brings the control room to the floor for optimal functionality, safety and durability.

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HMI Industrial Panel PC

DigiSign Industrial HMI Panel PC

The DigiSign Industrial HMI Panel PC fits into any existing open frame panel making it a state of the art solution for industrial automation and process control, custom machine to machine interface and machinery manufacturing applications.

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DigiSign HMI Kiosk Terminal

The DigiSign HMI kiosk terminal is designed to be flexible in its application – it
is sleek and stylish enough to be used in a space where aesthetics is important, yet rugged enough to be used in anindustrial space with high temperatures, dust and humidity.

digisign HMI console
HMI Console

DigiSign HMI Keyboard Console

Industrial Keyboard Console is a modern, all-in-one solution that consists of a waterproof touch screen, keyboard and powerfull fan-less processor that is built into a customisable steel housing.

Mining Industry Applications

Our DigiSign HMI ‘s are state-of-the-art solutions for industrial automation and process control, custom machine-to-machine interface, and other manufacturing applications. These rugged, industrial-grade HMI computers are designed to house C&I equipment and to operate in harsh environments such as mining environments, tunneling machines, coal haulers, scrapers, roller crushers, control rooms and more.

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Food & Beverage Industry

The IP65 rated Consoles features a high-performance fan-less processor and a user-friendly IP65 touch monitor that is water and dustproof for wet or dusty environments. The console provides the operator access to the SCADA/process control software from a strategic position within the plant.

Commercial & Pharmaceutical Applications

Digisign HMI solutions offer the highest level of integration into more proprietary and open systems, all while maintaining a standard PC form factor. Digisign can be used in a variety of commercial applications such as Advanced process control, critical facility HMI panel/operator interface and more.

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