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Industrial Silicone Rubber Hygienic Keyboard


  • 89 keys IP65 dynamic sealed and ruggedized industrial silicone rubber Hygienic keyboard with full keyboard functionalities with sealed and ruggedized tough touchpad for fast and accurate cursor position.
  • Industrial PCB with carbon-on-gold key switch technology with long stroke (1.50mm) with extremely good tactile feeling for fast and accurate data input without any noise.
  • Durable coating & antimicrobial keyboard surface withstand to most chemicals and liquids under harsh environment
  • FN + Clean key to lock/disable the keyboard for easy cleaning without needing to take the keyboard from PC
  • Top panel mounted with optional stainless steel back plate sealed with top ruggedized industrial silicone cover & industrial PCB for ruggedized structure and easy mounting and sealing
  • Stainless steel housing protects the electronics controller.
  • Adjustable industrial back light included, military level.