The Smallest PC for Extreme Conditions


Excellent Durability at Extreme Temperatures

fitlet-RM is a ruggedized miniature fanless PC that provides excellent durability at extreme temperatures and conditions of shock, vibration and dust.

fitlet-rm I

Top Features

Fitlet-RM - din-rail

The Smallest PC for Extreme Conditions

In many independent benchmarks fitlet-RM achieves higher scores than PCs based on Intel® Atom™. It effectively doubles the performance of the original fitlet-i by incorporating the quad-core AMD A10 Micro-6700T APU in an all-metal housing designed to maximize heat-dissipation in the smallest possible footprint.

fitlet-RM is Built to Last

The fitlet-RM’s metal housing has interlocking parts to ensure structural strength, it is fanless and has no moving parts thanks to passive cooling and SSD storage.  This means that reliability and thermal performance are not reduced over time and it is not subject to sudden failure due to a fan malfunction. As a result, fitlet-RM is also perfectly silent.

Fitlet-RM - The Smallest PC for Extreme Conditions
Fanless Design

Wide Temperature Range

The embedded-grade motherboard is passively-cooled, allowing the fitlet-RM to operate at an unusually wide temperature range of -40 °C to 70 °C. This means that fitlet-RM can be installed in any weather condition, in any type of cabinet or vehicle without a complicated cooling design.

Dust and Humidity Resistance

fitlet-RM has no vents. Heat dissipation is done by conduction to the housing which means no air circulation on the internal components. As a result, fitlet-RM is not sensitive to dust, humidity or polluted air. It is also easy to integrate in clean-rooms and sterilized environments.


Versatility at Its Best

fitlet-RM is tiny, versatile and scalable. Accessing RAM and storage is easy and installing custom FACET card modules further extends the fitlet-RM’s rich functionality. fitlet-RM offers high scalability, from deeply embedded applications integrating only the miniature single-board-computer SBC-FLT, to the more powerful fitlet-H and fitlet-T that share the same architecture of fitlet-RM and provide more performance, memory and storage capacity. fitlet-RM can be mounted using a VESA or DIN-rail mounting bracket.

Feature Highlights

  • The Smallest PC for Extreme Conditions
  • Excellent Durability in Extreme Tempratures
  • fitlet-RM is Built to Last

More Features

  • Wide Temperature Range
  • Dust and Humidity Resistance
  • Versatility at its Best