Digisign HMI Maintenance Panel


Powerful Fan-less Processor

The Maintenance Panel was developed by a group of system engineers to solve the problem of accessibility within a mining environment. The station provides the operator to access SCADA/process control software from a strategic position within the plant. It brings the control room to the floor for optimal functionality, safety and durability. This state of the art solution is for industrial automation and process control, custom machine to machine interface and other manufacturing applications.

Digisign Terminal

Top Features

Standard Fittings

  • Welded Earth-stud on all plates, doors and panels.
  • UPS 230VAC – 12A socket outlet.
  • Copper earth bar 20mm x 5mm insulated from panel body. High quality Earth point (HQE) connections.
  • DIN rails with 25% provision for future expansion.
  • Panel wiring as per diagram on request.

Codes and Standards

  • IEC 60529 Degrees of protection provided by enclosures
  • IEC 60721Classification of Environmental conditions
  • IEC 60801Electromagnetic compatibility for industrial process equipment, measurement
  • IEC 60870Telecontrol systems and equipment
  • SANS 118901Information Technology – Generic Cabling for Customer Premises
  • IEEE 802.3 The Carrier Sense, Multiple Access with Collision Detection

Customisational Expansions

  • RFID Reader
  • Access Control: Biometrics or iButton
  • UPS
  • Industry specific keyboards
  • Additional panel mountable components: Keyboard, mouse, touch pads etc.

Product Features

  • Intel Core i7-9850HL, 6 Cores, 12 Threads, 9 MB cache.
  • The IP65 rated enclosure is constructed from 2mm 3CR12 mild steel for extended durability and corrosion protection. Stainless steel available for food and beverage applications.
  • E-coating and secondary powder coating (various colour options available).
  • Surface mounting with 10mm bolts to floor.
  • Natural airflow ventilation for indoor applications. Forced ventilation available in high ambient temperature locations.


  • Mining
  • Food and Beverage
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical