Brandwagon offers a wide range of Microsoft Windows operating systems including Windows 11, Windows 10 Pro & Enterprise LTSB, Windows Server Standard & Essentials as well as Windows Server CALs, Datacenter and RDS variants.

Each variant of Windows (except for LTSB variants) is automatically updated every month by Microsoft and is available for purchase directly through our online store.

Windows 10 Pro x64 & Enterprise LTSB

Windows 10 Pro

With Windows 10 Pro, you’ve got a great business partner. It has all the features of Windows 10 Home, plus important business functionality for encryption, remote log-in, creating virtual machines, and more.

Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB

Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB is a specialized edition of Windows 10 Enterprise that promises the longest intervals between feature upgrades of any version of the operating system.

Windows Server 2019/2022 Standard

Enhance Security with Windows Server

Windows Server helps to prevent malicious attacks against your system with a strengthened security suite that also detects any suspicious activity as a preventative measure.

Manage cloud-ready workloads with more ease

This innovative software focuses on providing a high level of flexibility of use and control to businesses in need of a solution to manage cloud-ready workloads with more ease.

Windows Server Essentials

Ideal for Small Businesses

Windows Server Essentials is optimized for Windows Server, and is the cloud-ready operating system that supports your current workloads while introducing new technologies.

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) running on Azure virtual machines to start small, then scale-out. Also expands capabilities for the future Windows Server including Windows Server Containers, SD-WAN, and more.

Windows Server Datacenter

Designed for cloud environments and datacenters

Just one-click install, deploy and backup with a single click. With Windows Server Datacenter you can deploy and manage servers in your Microsoft Azure and private cloud or simply use your existing server and software. You can easily scale out your cloud datacenter and deliver virtualized, on-premises compute, storage and networking to your internal applications and a multitude of endpoints.

Windows Server CALs

CALs for each additional user or device

Companies typically run into issues with operating systems that allow you to connect to the system, but then not have any rights to give you access to it. Generally, you will need a server software CAL on a computer that you either physically own or have an access and control license to.

For each additional user or device a Windows Server 2019 CAL is required.

Device CAL

A Device CAL is assigned to the device and allows multiple users to use that device.

User CAL

A User CAL is assigned to the user and allows that user to use multiple devices.

Windows Server RDS

Remote Desktop Services

From rich management features to tight security, RDS’ ease of use, compliance certifications, and value for money continue to help customers manage their applications more efficiently and keep systems secure.

Customers today are facing many new and evolving challenges to their IT environments. As cloud adoption continues to gain steam, organizations must build new IT tools for managing services across the hybrid cloud and meet new regulatory compliance requirements.