We are an innovative Industrial IT Distributor

Founded in 2011, Brandwagon is an innovative Industrial IT Distributor that specialises in a number of key vertical markets. Brandwagon has an extensive portfolio of industry-leading Products and Services that are specifically chosen to provide our customers with holistic and tailor-made solutions.

Our customers buy from us time and time again, thanks to our high-quality products and excellent service. They know our in-depth knowledge of the hardware we sell and understanding of the way they do business will ensure we can meet their needs, whatever they may be.


Brandwagon focuses on importing a selection of industrial-type products that are not locally available. Our aim is to be flexible, and to attend to the needs of our customers by customising our products. We strive to conduct business on morally ethical principles. We wish to establish a successful partnership with our customers, employees, and suppliers, while respecting the interests of each party.


The mission of our business is to serve a corporate business-to-business market with quality products and with extraordinary customer service. Improving our available product range and providing new products and services to the areas of need will help ensure our success in the market.