Loud Touch Classic Touch Monitor


Loud Touch Monitors are high-quality panels with high brightness, high contrast ratios, and broad viewing angles. It features SAW (surface acoustic wave) technology which uses ultrasonic waves that pass over the touchscreen panel. The touchscreen panels are made from glass, ensuring the ultimate in image quality.

Front view of SPLASH Panel-PC SQUARE, 15-19 inch, IP65 waterproof industrial all-in-one
Infographic: Loud Touch Classic Touch Monitor sizes (in inches)
Light blue infographic image: Loud Touch Classic Touch Monitor specs

Product Features

  • Wide range of sizes to fit any environment
  • Professional-grade interactive digital signage designed for the rigidities of public environments
  • Compromising brightness, optical clarity and fast response time
  • Multiple mounting options including horizontal bracket mount, vertical bracket mount and VESA mount
  • ETL, FCC, CE, CB, RoHS, CC certificates

Product Application

  • Gaming and casino terminals
  • Interactive digital signage
  • Industrial automation
  • Medical equipment
  • Point-of-information and transportation kiosks
  • POS solutions
  • Self-service/service automation
  • Customized Solutions